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"The Flash," Iris says, her eyes shining in the light of her notebook screen in his lab, where she’s taken to hanging out while finishing up her articles (she says it’s easier to focus in a lab and his wifi is fast), "was just sighted near the Central City Library, getting a cat out of a tree. A cat! That’s really cute."

At one time in his life (that time being when Iris seriously started considering journalism as a career option), Barry would have considered it pretty freaking awesome if the love of his life were completely obsessed with him. The moment he stopped considering it awesome was when Iris told him that she had a deadline for her latest article on the metahumans beat for a class so she wouldn’t be home for dinner that night he was cooking. Besides, there was a fire on Center St. and Third and guess which red-and-lightning streak decided to ‘flash’ (ha! ha!) by?

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Laurel Castillo in Let’s Get to Scooping (1x04)

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The Raven/Murphy thing is showing something interesting though. The romance narrative in people’s minds is so strong it defies everything else.

Those are the rules: the heroine is a placeholder. Romance narratives aren’t set up as something you observe, they’re set up as something you participate in. And women are socialized into inserting themselves as the female lead. This, I think, is one of the reasons why it doesn’t matter to shippers that Raven treats Murphy like a venomous snake in canon. Raven is irrelevant — she’s merely a sign, “put yourself here”. Once you do that, you get a heroic story; a story in which you, the viewer, can forgive heroically, and love heroically, and be as tragic as it takes. As women should.

This isn’t to say that there is no racial context to this, because there is. It matters that Raven is a woman of color who slept with the male lead (who is very often shipped with someone else). This makes Raven/Murphy… shall we say convenient? Two birds, one stone. It gives you two clear couples you can neatly summarize.

This isn’t to say that love stories are inherently bad and you’re a bad person for enjoying them. There is nothing wrong in having escapist fantasies about being a lover, just like there is nothing wrong in having escapist fantasies about being a crime-solver. What, in my opinion, makes the situation pathological, is that this romantic option is sold to women as their only option. It’s sold in a shape that teaches us to not see each other or throw each other under the bus. If we only ever have one prominent female character per story, and we’re supposed to self-insert for her, we learn to extend out curiosity, our attention, our compassion to men only.

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More muscular tatted men in cute dresses 2014 thank you

He looks like Blossom and I’m SOOOOOO fucking here for it. 😍😍😍

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#I can’t believe people actually got on board with this ship after watching this clip#like seriously#’why are you helping me?’#of all the things he could have to her#because I’m realising the consequences of my actions for once#because I hurt you#because I shot you#because this shouldn’t be happening to you#because this is all my fault#because I’m actually sorry for shooting you in the back and threatening your life#because I feel the tiniest bit of remorse for what I’ve done here#nope murphy opts for because I don’t want to die on my own#so I’m going to make sure you’re here to keep me company#I just#god no#raven reyes#john murphy#the 100#the 100 spoilers#anti-maven#or whatever in god’s name we’re calling it

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"I’m not gay…"


"But I am bi"


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I am drunk again

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Daniel Henney for Harper’s Bazaar Korea June 2013 issue.

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Anonymous - Even though I dont ship anyone The 100, I feel bad for the Murphy/Raven shippers because they're being made to feel like shit by the fandom. Probably feel they have to keep quiet now. It's just bothering me like last season when shit would be said about Flarke shippers. People should feel free to ship who they want without getting hate for it. Hate a ship & list reasons why you hate it, but don't give people crap for shipping it & don't assume you know why people ship it.

In what fucking realm is it alright to ship a man with the woman he nearly killed? Give me one reason to think it’s alright to ship that.

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